SMS Integration specialise in the provision of IT, communication and design services catering from the SMB to Government.

Through the selection of best of class products and services we tailor solutions for clients that address today’s needs and into the future. You can expect innovative ideas for improving your business, accelerating your brand, increasing efficiency and productivity, whilst reducing cost.

Our service desk team take the concept of customer service seriously, as such SMS Integration maintains a planned approach to customer service which includes seeking feedback from our clients and analysis of the ongoing and changing needs of our customers to help improve our service and integrate with our customers business plan.

We continually work to evolve our range of services and solutions available to our clients to maximise their investment in ICT and technology whilst they focus on their core business.

IT support

We provide IT support services for companies across Victoria & South-Western NSW. Our goal is to provide the most responsive IT support you’ve ever had. Our service desk team will answer all your questions with their expert knowledge on all things technical.

Managed Services

Get unlimited support that’s available 24/7. Our managed service agreements provide a range of fixed cost ICT services to ensure your business can operate smoothly and safely. Let us take on the stress of managing all of your technology requirements.

cloud services

If you’re a bit confused by all this talk about cloud computing let us help you understand what it can do for your business. What if all of your team could instantly access all the applications and files from wherever they are, on any device, 24 hours a day? Imagine being able to scale up and down these tools, and only having to pay for what you need, exactly when you need them.

IT Consulting

Create and communicate your digital transformation blueprint. Your business is unique, and we take the time to understand your challenges so that you’ll receive solutions that integrate new and existing technologies into your environment. Your roadmap can be used as a communication tool for your internal stakeholders. Providing them with a high-level view of the organisation’s ICT evolution by crucial business objectives.

creative services

We understand that you’re not just after a website – your site is a powerful catalyst to help your business grow. Our experience in all forms of digital marketing can help you achieve your goals, including Google optimisation, photography, graphic design and social media management.


They say automation is the way of the future - well, the future is here! SMS Integration can automate your business or your home linking software, hardware, IoT & security. Our team will bring your systems and devices to life through smart automation technologies.

smart made simple

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